🎉🎉8/4/2022⁠: Happy 8th Baleaf 🧨🧨

🎉It’s officially been 8 years since Baleaf started. Baleaf caught public attention with a pair of yoga shorts (otherwise called biker shorts). After noticing the requirement of carrying the phones around in 2014, Baleaf became the very first brand to stitch pockets on those yoga shorts in Amazon history. ✨Subsequently, more and more categories such as Running, Cycling, Swimming, Outdoor, Golf, and Equestrian, among which many became instant best-sellers. 🌍On top of that, we launched products with environmental-friendly fabrics in 2020. 😊We will never stop when it comes to environmental protection. 

Well, Baleaf is celebrating the past, while looking to the future through a series of collaborations and activations in August. 🎁We've designed a limited edition FREE 8th-anniversary basketball and thank you card for loyal customers. 🔥The giveaway and anniversary sale are waving at you all guys also! 🎂Happy 8th Baleaf!🎂

'Label' represents who we are! Personalities, identities, even different sports styles or memories? 😊Check your 'Label', show your greatest sports memories!

We are aiming to co-create a better active lifestyle with our community. ⏱Which mountain have you hiked? What is your most memorable race? Are you sweating at the gym in summer?🚲🏃‍♀️💪

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Share your greatest sports memories! Head to Instagram to win.


💐On August 4th, Baleaf Celebrates 8th Anniversary With A Host Of Activities. So what has Baleaf got in store for you this year?

🛒For VIP membership, we’ve rounded up some of the most exciting activities and in-store specials that you can look forward to at the Baleaf official store.

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