Our Gear

At Baleaf, we are committed to technical innovation, superior quality, and fair pricing. Our passion for sports, our customers’ needs and preferences, and the value of a rewarding lifestyle make up the core of the Baleaf brand. We offer new, simple ways for consumers to interact with sports.

Baleaf was founded in 2014, to provide comfortable sports apparel featuring innovative technologies for a fair price. Over the past three years, Baleaf has proven itself as a player in the sports apparel industry. We’ve perfected cuts, styles, and functions that our customers claim are “surprisingly comfortable.”

At Baleaf, we deliver products that cater to the needs of all customers, including professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those at the beginning of their fitness journey. We initially released our Cycling collection, and have since expanded our reach to Yoga, Running, Swim/Surf, and more. Our established markets include retail, amateur teams and clubs, corporate events, and OEM.

Baleaf has online stores available on Amazon across the globe. In order to provide a secure and convenient shopping experience, our team members are available to share detailed information, answer your questions, and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Gear

We initially released our Baleaf Cycling collection, and have since expanded to Yoga, Running, and Swim/Surf to better meet our customers’ needs. At Baleaf, you will find that we consistently offer new, innovative releases. Our customers’ preferences are at the core of everything we do, which is apparent in all aspects of our products, technologies, fabrics, and designs. We will always move forward, and have no plans to stop.

Cycling Collection

From mountains to roads, Baleaf provides a unique cycling experience! The Baleaf Cycling collection provides quality apparel for cyclists of all ages, skills levels, and backgrounds.

Yoga Collection

Baleaf has combined yogic passion with the spirit of the practice to bring the essence of yoga to life. This collection is extremely popular — customers claim our yoga apparel is the perfect blend of comfort and quality.

Running Collection

When we designed the Baleaf Running collection, our aim was to enhance the overall running experience. Good running gear is more complicated than it seems. At Baleaf, we designed a collection that meets the needs of both competitive and recreational runners. In addition to designing light and breathable gear, we have worked to improve the overall running experience for our customers.

Swim/Surf Collection

Flexibility in and out of the water — that was our focus while designing the Baleaf Swim/Surf collection. We have successfully combined function, art, fit, and fashion, and are eager to share our designs with you.