We really love working out, and it’s what has kept us busy, and in shape throughout the years. From our humble beginnings we’ve managed to achieve some of our goals of which the single most important one was; to give everyone access to high end sports gear.

This in turn would allow you to optimize your output and naturally get into better shape. And feeling self-fulfilled would only contribute to your happiness. 

We also strive to cooperate with our clients about their needs and wishes for our new products so that ultimately, we have the best of our knowledge, match the most of your wishes...


Once upon a time...

Since the early rise of a “workout culture” that had started in early 2015, BALEAF has focused on the more popular workout activities such as yoga, gym training, swimming, running as well as outdoor adventures.

BALEAF continuously does research and implements new technological features such as compression, airflow technology and lightweight materials all of it's products.

Another factor we wanted to ensure is a one-for-all activewear apparel by outfitting out sports apparel with enough functionality for your personalized workout experience.

Baleaf Sports' Story

Our Baleaf Vision 

Your Performance,
                         Our Mission 

Baleaf Sports' Vision

Movement does not happen unless you have a goal and Baleaf has its goals set up clearly;

Looking ahead our mission stays streamlined and we'll be providing better products at affordable prices that will get you through your day.

We also hope to enable small (or big) companies with front to back service on OEM possiblities since we have all the pieces together.

By making use of newly developed recycled fabric and our modern production technologies, we make sure that the impact we make on the environment is as limited as possible.


People — High End Sports Apparel. Accessible to all.

Planet — Protect our Playground. We have been given one opportunity to enjoy and protect our home, so why wouldn't we? Making use of recycled fabric to make the most out of what we have been given,

Product — Quality above all else. Working together with top of the line designers and having our own manufacturing facility assures of full product control to provide only the best for you.