Meet Our VIP Membership Benefits

How Baleaf VIP Membership Works?

Simple to join & lots of benefits to get.

Buy a $49 VIP Membership

You will enjoy the membership from the day you buy it for 365 days.

Access Amazing Benefits

Check your emails and get your monthly benefits. 

Shop with Special Perks

Shop with benefits that only members can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a member?

Be a member and unlock exclusive members-only pricing and special perks. 

 How much does it cost to join Baleaf VIP Membership?

$49/year. By joining Baleaf VIP Membership, you will get: Free Shipping, Gift Card, Donation Project, Discounted Pricing Just For Members, etc. 

How do I join Baleaf VIP Membership?

Where to check my benefits?

You can log in to your account on to check the benefits. Or just check the email box for more information about the benefits you get.

What can I do if membership is not my thing?

Memberships are non-refundable and not returnable once you pay for it. 

What’s the Member Collections?

Member Collections are selected collections that will be made only for members every month. Only members can save on the collections with a special discount(up to 90% off).

Can I give my membership to someone else?

Your member number is issued only in your name/email address. Only you can redeem your discounts. You can’t transfer your membership to someone else.

Will my benefits expire?

1. The free shipping coupons will expire at the end of the month if you do not choose to use them. But no worries! You will get two new free shipping coupons in the next month. (Usually, it will be sent to you via email in the first week.)

2. The $15 Gift Card will not expire. Feel free to use it or send it to your family or friends. 

How can I find the My Member Collections?