8 Winter Running Essentials

January 13, 2016

If you don't know what to wear for winter training, here is the right place to ask.
What should I wear for winter training?
The basic rules: stay away from cotton, All You need is something that with fabrics that are going to wick away moisture from your body. Cotton, as well as similar materials will make your clothing cold and wet and don't evaporate your sweat enough.
1. Baselayer
Baleaf baselayer wicks moisture the best and stays warm at the same time. Getting one pair of base synthetic layer for your workouts and keep you enjoy your workouts.
2. Jacket
Wind-proof jacket is a good choice for winter training. It keeps you warm while you are running, except for those extremely weather, heavy coat are not necessity, All you need is just a baselayer and shell in the winter days
3. Running Tights
Most of running tights are most common piece of clothing in your winter running arsenal, they are enough to cool in fall and keep you warm in winter.It is a great invention for more blood flow and warmth while excising.
4. Wind-Resistant Pants
You will need wind resistant pants for the same reason of windproof jacket, Putting a pair of winter running pants over your running tights to keep you from the chilly wind.
5. Face Mask
For the face mask, you might think that ski mask is the best choice, actually it's not. If you buy a ski mask you'll end up with a face full of ice crystals when your breath freezes.
Get face mask with eyes and mouth that has enough protection for your cheeks and lips, but is not so protected that it restricts your breathing.
6. Gloves
Bulky or gigantic gloves will cause you trouble and you will need to take your gloves off, as you may want to adjust your clothes, Just wear something warm not bulky.
7. Goggles
You may need a pair of goggles for very cold and very windy days. Trust me, it will help with your eyelids freeze shut and brain-freeze from the wind.
8. hat
Cover your head and hands or you'll get frostbite. Get a good wicking skull cap to go under your warm hat. I may prefer to thermal hat or the wool hat if It is too cold.
Don't be afraid of the cold weather, We can just laugh at it while you choose the proper running apparel.

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