Buying Guide for Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shorts Buying Guide

Baleaf Cycling Shorts Buying Guide

Most beginners will get lost while choosing a right apparel for comfort riding as there are plenty of them on the market to choose from. The most simple-looking cycling pants are high-tech which combines moisture wicking, anti- bacteria fabric in one while still reduces the sore hurt. That is why few set of cycling shorts are essential for comfort riding. In order to help you choose the right cycling shorts, it is the spandex cycling shorts we are talking about here, we prepare this buying guide for reference.

Men’s cycling shorts Vs Women’s cycling shorts
The biggest difference between men’s and women’s shorts is the padding or chamois. These padding or chamois are shaped and padded according to the anatomy difference between men and women. Generally speaking, Women shorts are with longer front inseam as women are longer waisted than men, so many companies make the different design for the cut from hips to waist. Women prefer to choose a short leg length than men while men usually choose the leg length long enough to cover the quadriceps muscles.
These basic information will help you select shorts that fit you the most. If you are a larger women, men’s shorts will be another choice for you, As it will fit you better than women’s.

Standard Shorts or Bib Shorts?


While you still get confused about which one you want to choose, The bib shorts will keep the shorts in place with light,  breathable elastic straps, You just wear them like suspenders without real waistband.  The two straps and the fabric that joins them in the front and rear comprise the bibs portion of the bib shorts. Bib shorts will provide superior freedom of movement and comfort than standard shorts as there is no waist elastic in the bib shorts.


As such, the bib shorts are more expensive than standard shorts in price, and will be hot while in hot days which many people won’t like it. Some cyclist may also think it is not so convenient to wear and take off, or just simply do not like the straps while they can reduce the chafe with breathable mesh and distinctive design. If you are with limit budget, you can try the standard cycling shorts first as the standard especially when you are a beginner.

The fabric as well as the pad is the key point for raising the selling price of cycling shorts. Better materials usually cost more. We take nylon spandex as the base of most cycling shorts fabrics, as it provide stretch and durability , and mix knitted with polyester to promote moisture transfer and breathability. An outstanding design provide compression quality cycling shorts which help with better blood circulation and longer ride.  Better fabric and distinctive designs increase the unit price and the main reason for wide price range of cycling shorts.

Padding (Chamois)
As I stated before, the padding is another significant factor that affect the price and comfort. Today Padding or chamois has been built-in cycling shorts and relief the pain of saddle sore for professional cyclist, racers etc. Technology develops faster than ever, Now most of pads inside the shorts are comfortable with better function as the pad construction have improved incredibly over the years.
There are several pads we apply to our cycling shorts. With these pads, you will be saved from pains caused by friction between you and the seat, transferring moisture and keeping you dry. The chamois are with unique design for men and women and they are gender specific of padding.


Our pads have several layers, the padding layer is made from foam or fleece. Different chamois comes with different layers and thickness. The top layer is usually made of breathable and anti-bacterial fabric, We tested many chamois and pick up the most suitable chamois for our cycling shorts, You can have a choice of thick chamois and thin chamois, try our cycling shorts now and you won’t regret it.

Getting The Right Fit
Short (3 - 5 inches): "hot pants" length (usually designed for cross-training, spinning and triathlons)
Medium (6 - 8 inches): average cycling short length
Long (9 - 11 inches): past the quadriceps (usually a European-cut racing length)

The major consideration is comfort. Bend over the waistband into the cycling position and feel it when riding a bike. If you don't like it, the bib shorts might suit your need, which you won’t feel the elastic waistband, click here.

Final Tips
Another important thing: do not wear underwear under your cycling shorts. Cycling shorts are designed with breathable and anti-bacterial materials, they are much more sanitary than your underwear. The flat seam also will prevent chafing and more comfortable than your underwear. You can enjoy a comfort riding with good cycling shorts with limit budget, Baleaf Sports will be your online wardrobe which always offer cycling apparel at the best price. 

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