Cycling Apparel Wash Instruction

March 06, 2016

Use the Delicate Cycle

I prefer to hand wash my cycling jerseys and bib shorts. While if you prefer washing them in the washing machine, please use the delicate cycle instead, since regular or heavy will be more likely to damage the high-performance fabrics. 

Separate Your Clothes

Wash your dark colors separate from your whites to keep you clothes from becoming dingy. 

Zip Up

Zip the zippers and close hook-and-loop fasteners before washing if there is any on your cycling jerseys or other garments. The open zipper will tear the jerseys up. Also, turn your jerseys inside out to protect the screen printed graphic or sublimated clothing. 

Wash in Cool Water

Wash your clothes in cool or lukewarm water. If your clothes still smell like detergent at the end of the wash, just go through the rinse cycle rinse your garments again in cool water. Also stay away from bleaches and fabric softeners. 

Don't Use Drier 

Drier will ruin the lycra and the elastic of the clothing. Hang dry or flat dry your cycling apparel instead of using the dryer. Squeezing out the excess water, your clothes will dry in half the time.

Don't Re-wear Your Jersey 

Don't wear your cycling jersey several times between washes. Possibly some of you go on a cycle and find you don’t sweat too much, and hang the cycling jerseys instead of opting for the wash. It will extend the lifespan of the cycling jerseys in some way, but the problem is that the odour-causing bacteria is still present, even when much of your perspiration evaporates during your ride. So I highly suggest don't re-wear your jerseys. 

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