Winter Workout Plan for Running 2019

How to dress for winter running

Christmas is just around the corner and so our workout routines need to adapt to the increasingly colder weather. People are often not informed enough about the dangers of working out in colder temperatures, and if there is one thing to take away from this article it’s; How to prepare for running in the winter.

The Winter Running Gear

The Baselayer or also known as thermal underwear basically looks like a pair of traditional pajamas, but then a bit tighter.

While running in extremely cold weather, it is still inevitable that you’ll transpire. Your body will heat up while being wrapped in a layer of t-shirt and track jacket, but as soon as you stop, the cold will take over again. This seems comfortable, but could potentially have serious effects on your body and even lead to hypothermia.

A simple yet great solution to stay clear of this is to layer up with a base layer under your track jacket and/or jogging pants. Not only does a good compression base layer help keep you comfortable, but it also serves as an isolation barrier that prevents your hard work from shining through the top layer and thus; prevents hypothermia.

Ideally, the base layer you decide to get would have a single sow in order to provide in a chafe-free experience.

Winter Workout Plan Running Tips

Personally, winter is a time to bulk up and enjoy the most comfortable time of the year together. This also subconsciously makes me feel like I can slow down with my workout routines and just sit it out.

Maintain your Distance

We all slow down during winter and whereas quantity may not be the same as it is during summer, try and maintain the distance you are used to running. In this way, you’ll bounce right out of winter sleep mode to “who’s ready for spring!?”

Go Fast, Go Hard

While on your run out, try not to remain at a similar paced run. When doing so you allow your body to fight harder against the lactic acid that would otherwise build up.

Instead, I highly encourage you to make use of HIIT-sessions (also known as interval training) that will make use of fast-twitch muscle fibers and in turn help you maintain your sprint mechanics.

Get excited, Plan ahead, Stick with it!

You know the feeling of planning out your workouts and the excitement that comes with it? And also, that you spent several hours planning your meal, only to not do any of the exercises because reasons… Admittedly I fell victim to my own laziness, and that’s exactly why you should stick with it. Show me how you have so much more determination than me in my previous years, and I’ll join you this time!

Winter Running Shoes

What most winter running shoes have and should have in common are the nubs found on the outsoles. It literally happens so often that people underestimate the grip on the surface during the slippery or uneven floor that results in sometimes, life long negative impacts. Whether you are a marathon runner who’s used to evenly laid cement or a nature running fanatic, you can NOT go about it underprepared.

Another factor that plays a major role in picking up winter running shoes is their water-repellant factor. The last thing you want to have is your feet freezing due to the fact that the snow went right through.

Winter Running Plan 2019

The Winter Workout Running Plan

  1. (4x4x3) Run at least 4 times per week. Find your ideal length to do a short sprint, and go back to normal jogging or running and repeat these 4 times.
  1. Minimum time. Every time you decide to go out to run, stay out for a period no shorter than 45 minutes to give your body enough time to get acclimated.
  1. (4x4x1) Run long distance 1 time per week. For the real runners among us, do a run that is long distance (around 9 to 15 miles) at least once per week.

That was it, a short summary of the best winter workout clothes and a simple workout plan. We would love to hear what you think and we’d love for you to add more tips & tricks for our fellow runners out there by commenting on this article.

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