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My 4 Favorite Winter Running Essentials

Let’s talk layers.

Coach Alli - @runwithalli

FYI: Allison is based in New York City, and the city's average temp during February ranges from 28°F - 43 °F.

Winter running is one of my favorite topics to discuss amongst the runners in the running community. There are so many different topics to talk about and so much information and insight to share!

Quite often, many of us default to the treadmill during the winter, cold months. However, during the pandemic this year, it’s been difficult to perform treadmill runs while having to wear a mask at your local gym. Unless you own your treadmill, I’d opt-in for committing to completing your winter training runs outdoors!

There are many different routes to choose from in your local neighborhoods for different types of runs, and it’s also a great way to get yourself outside for that much-needed WFH work break!

Coach Alli - @runwithalli

While running outside sounds daunting, it can be a great excuse to switch-up that winter running wardrobe with your favorite running gear! I’m personally all about layering up and staying warm. Running with excess weight can have similar effects as strength-training does on your body, too! Added perk!

Do your hands get cold? Do you find that you’re either freezing or too warm during your outdoor winter runs?

It’s quite common that many of us haven’t nailed down some perfect essentials to keep us comfortable while performing our winter runs! Here are my four suggestive friendly winter running tips to keep you on your toes all winter long, ready to book it out of your door!

What to Wear During Your Winter Outdoor Runs


The sweat-wicking, breathable fleece holds body heat close to your core, keeping you cozied up while braving the cold outdoors!

  • Fleece Half Zip Thumbhole Compression Long Sleeved Shirt
  • Fleece Thumb Holes Zipper Pocketed Long Sleeved Top
  • Micro Fleece 1/2 Zipper Raglan Side Pocketed Pullover
Baleaf's Fleece Half Zip Thumbhole Compression Long Sleeved Shirt


These are great to wear under all of the layers and for your treadmill workout day in your local gym nearby.

Baleaf's 5'' High-Rise Pocketed  Gym Shorts


The premium fabric is soft, elastic, and very light to wear while you’re out braving the cold during your winter runs. These are also very cozy and sweat- wicking too! Layer up your leggings under a pair of these, and you’ll be good to go at any temperature. Especially for your winter long runs outside!

Baleaf's Mid Rise Seamless Track Pants


I love these to stay warm in after any cold winter run outdoors! There’s nothing like keeping your legs fresh and your muscles loose and limbered up after your runs, too, with recovery drills and nutrition, of course! These are perfect for the go-to post-run joggers that you can pair with any cute sweat or top when heading into your workday or on-the-go!

Baleaf's Cotton Comfy Pocketed Weekend Joggers

Writer's Bio:

Allison Felsenthal is a run coach, a competitive runner, Founder & CEO of RUNWITHALLI LLC run coaching, a freelance writer, a teacher and a natural leader. She has experience running alongside the runners that she coaches during their races. Some of these races even include Marathons!  She works with runners of all backgrounds and ages that have different goals and needs. These range any where from runners who are running for stress relief to runners who are running for a new personal record (PR!)

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