Men’s Fall Fashion 2019 | The Essentials, Workout Clothes Edition

Long sleeves and football, pumpkin spice and yoga leggings. Possible snow and a season during which most families come together, what's not to love?

Layering up, for the upcoming season is essential, and doing it with the help of my men's fall fashion guide makes this a lot easier. Not only is it a guide that will point you in the right direction, but also helps you save some of that hard-earned cash. Keep in mind that this "Men’s Fall Fashion 2019 | The Essentials, Workout Clothes Edition" is meant to serve as a reference based on my personal opinions. I prefer the rather casual & multifunctional sporty look, so bear with me as I go over my choices. First off, running for long distances (I'm sure some of you may share this), is by far my most challenging routine. Other sports that I do on a regular basis are spinning, strength training at the gym as well as hiking. Good thing is that all these sports have one thing in common that I cannot skip out on and that is, regardless of the season, wear a base layer.

The Base Base Layer

Often overlooked is quality underwear which I like to refer to as the base base layer. Due to the fact that this is the first line of defense, it's important that you dish out for a quality pair of underwear. Personally, Under Armour is the brand I cannot leave the house without. It offers all I need when it comes to breathability, compression and comfort which are suitable for most workouts. However, you can also opt in to get some 3D padded underwear to protect your... vital areas when you’re an active cycler.

The Base Layer

For the base layer it is essential that; it retains body heat, has moisture wicking properties and has some form of flat stitching. So choosing a set of top an bottom that has all of the said features would make for a great combination.



Call me inexperienced and naive, but it was until about a year ago when I started paying more than I usually did for shoes. I usually dished out an astonishing $25, - to $50, - tops for my sports shoes. Until one day a friend of mine and I were at the gym together when he noticed the footwear I was wearing. He stopped me right to go shopping for some proper shoes. I learnt then; shoes that have features such as being light-weight, breathable and a soft heel are a godsent for anyone. And the best part is that they do NOT have to be as expensive as $100, - per pair.

The Jerseys and Track Jackets

Choosing a suitable track jacket is quite simple for me as it depends on 2 factors; what's the weather like and what am I bringing? Trying to find the balance between a simple wind breaker and a full-on insulated fleece fur is easy when you focus on the weather only. I don’t like to carry lots of things aside from the bare essentials. So I’d be happy with some sturdy pockets that are just big enough not to hear all my valuables bouncing around like the inside of a washing machine.

Keep in mind, that the winter is also coming up so stocking up on workout clothes for fall and winter weather is probably smart.


The Sports and Casual Combo

As I stated at the beginning of this article, I'm a big fan of combining (sometimes even overlapping) sportswear with casual wear. You know, those long-sleeved shirts that are just basic enough to fit both casual and sporty events. What is often overlooked is that going about your daily business could prove to be quite the operation as well. So, to finish off my rant on the "Men’s Fall Fashion 2019 | The Essentials, Workout Clothes Edition" I'll go over a couple of honorable mentions. These include my favorite socks, sleeveless jackets (body warmer) and other winter gear you may have not thought about.

What would you add to this list of men’s fall fashion Workout essentials?

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