Have Fun in Winter!
Shopping Guide for Boys' Baselayers

Most people underestimate the importance of getting a decent pair of base layers for winter outdoor sports. This is even more important with youngsters as their skin is much more vulnerable to the outdoor elements. Before buying any type of base layer, read this first.

Gear Baleaf Baselayers Up in Winter 2019 for More Fun Outdoors

We're approaching the winter of 2019 and it is just about the right time to get outdoors and have fun with the whole family. With snowball fights just around the corner and also winter forest or mountain walks, it is very important that you get geared up for all of this excitement.

As a parent you can just get a pair of pajamas for him to wear under his regular clothes, but this might not always be the best solution. This is particularly true when it comes to doing something physically draining.

Boys Need Active Tights for Winter Outdoor Sports - Here's Why

Boys Need Active Tights for Winter Outdoor Sports - Here's Why


Active tights, fitting tighter than swear pants, are perfect for exercising in cold weather.

In general, the best compression pants are featured with soft fleece-lining on the side and light-weight, (see Baleaf Boys' Fleece-Lining Baselayor Top) which guarantees he/she stays warm and cozy.

The boys' compression pants can be used under shorts for added warmth, by means of compressing your kids' leg muscles, contributes to improve blood circulation, prevent seizures (in case your child is prone to them) and helps improve the recovery time after working out.

Last but not least; during the slippery time of the year with increased snowfall, an extra layer of fall protection would always be good.

▪ Move Around Freely

Another important aspect of boys' tights is that they should allow for unrestricted freedom of movement.

Many sports brands these days offer a form of 4-way-stretch fabric that allows just that.

A perfect combination of compression that also, prevents chafing with a refined lining target to counter just that.

▪  Follow Fashion

In the past, it was uncommon for men to wear tights. Fashion trends nowadays have developed thus far that men & boys wearing tights has become more of a common thing.

Not only can you find men/boys wearing their favorite tights in the gym or sports clubs, but it's also found quite frequently worn casually.

Look at Baleaf Men's Base Layer for more favorites. 

Some Tips for Shopping Active Winter Tights for Boys

Some Tips for Shopping Active Winter Tights for Boys

Whether you are a first-time shopper, or an experienced tights shopping fanatic, it's always good to keep the following things in mind when buying tights online:

▪ Fitting

The fitting of tights plays a more important roles than anything on its performance. Keep in mind that tights for women are not the same as tights for men. There is actually a part of extra fabric added to the front of the tights to better 'cup' the area. So don't make the mistake thinking that they are interchangable.


Regarding the material, it is recommended to go either with polyester or wool, instead of cotton. Generally, the most common material type of base layers is synthetic. If you are looking for active tights for outdoors activities, Polyester is your friend. Polyester tights tend to be more breathable and skin-friendly. Added features such as Quick-dry, Lightweight and Moisture wicking qualities are likewise as important.

▪ The Affordable & Long-Lasting Solution

Don't go for the priciest tights you can find unless you're sure that he will stop growing (that never happens though).

We'd hate to see you spend too much for boy's tights that he'll outgrow in months.

Aside from that, falling down and ripping holes into the tights is a common thing.

Follow Your Child's Advice on Style

As a parent you always know best. The hard truth about boys' sports tights however is that many of them all have the same qualities. 

Belonging to the "group" at school is also important. With that said, you might as well let him make his own choice on design the tights.

Are You Ready For Gearing Active Tights Up For Winter Exercising

Just in time for winter, as you start to get some winter-ready tights for your boys, why not head to Baleaf Boys' Base ayer and scroll down to see what our customers say for a worthy buy?

That was it, a short summary of the reason to shop active winter tights for boys, along with several tips to choose the best tights. We would love to hear what you think and hear your comments by leaving a comment. We'll be sure to reply so feel free to drop a comment.