Amazon Prime Day Gift Guide

Best deals this year only, minimum 20% OFF! Are you are a fan of cycling, running, yoga, swimming/surfing? Is there someone around you really into these sports? These gears would be perfect to give someone as a Gift/surprise. 

In case you’re one of the few millions of people who haven’t heard, Amazon Prime Day has returned for the third year. On this biggest sales day of the Amazonian year, everything from television to toaster ovens is seriously discounted. While it’s only available to Amazon Prime Day members, you can easily pick up a free 30-day trial membership before the big event. Before wading through the hundreds of potential purchases, hone in on the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Here’s a guide to Baleaf’s top picks, from our own Amazon Prime Day Deals.

For the Fashionista

Ever since the term “athleisure” became en-vogue (literally appearing in Vogue), yoga clothing is socially acceptable as daytime wear. Thankfully, the technology has gotten better. No longer do yogis need to squash themselves into ill-fitting yoga clothes unfit for studio-to-street transitions. Instead, yogis don lovely multi-use tops like the Women’s Cowl Back Long Sleeve Workout Yoga Shirts Tee. Even with such a sexy upper backline, this long-sleeve shirt is functional in the studio. It’s made of the polyester-spandex blend that is ventilated enough for sensitive skin. The raglan-cut sleeves allow for heart-opening poses, and the thumbholes keep sleeves from sliding when arms are raised.

For the Mountain Biker

Unlike road cyclists, mountain bikers are typically disinclined to wear tight spandex shorts. Unfortunately, baggier cycling shorts that protect off-road riders from burs and plants don’t protect them from the jolt of their saddles. The Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Underwear Shorts provide a solution. Lightweight, tight, and comfortable, these shorts sit below looser cycling shorts. Their flat seams reduce chafing while keeping the shorts breathable.

For the Lunchtime Gym Rat

One of the most popular ways to bust the mid-day office lull is pounding weights or the elliptical for a lunchtime gym session. As more corporate companies incentivize their employees to stay fit, workday hours are also becoming flexible enough to promote regular physical activity. The Men’s 7” Quick Dry Workout Running Shorts Mesh Liner Zip Pockets are the perfect gym short for a daytime warrior. These shorts are long enough to be respectful in a case of an accidental gym-floor coworker sighting. Cell phones can be stored in the deep pockets or zip liner pocket in case of an urgent email. Finally, the lightweight fabric won’t cause undue stink from below-desk gym bag storage. 

For a Lady who Trains

From yoga to cycling, Crossfit to Pilates, there’s one thing nearly every female athlete requires: a good sports bra! Any lady will tell you that the worst thing they can forget in their gym bag-- apart from a hair tie-- is a sports bra. Women need bras they can count on seamless designs, flexible-yet-supportive fabric, coverage, and comfort. The Baleaf Women’s Seamless Racerback Yoga Pilates Sports Bra ticks every box.

For the All-Weather Rider

Are you friends with that guy who never misses a run or ride, even in the pouring rain or searing sun? Then the Cool Dry Skin Fit Long Sleeve Compression Shirt is the perfect any-occasion gift! Compression fabric is a blend of polyester and elastane, making it both breathable and snug. The stretchy wicks sweat away before it settles on the body; the durable material can withstand even the zaniest of pre-race warmups.

For the Recent Mommy

Within two months of birth, new moms are usually safe to begin exercise. Cycling is a supportive way for moms to literally and emotionally “get back in the saddle.” Yet, their abdominal muscles will take months to re-form. The Baleaf Women's High Waist Yoga Capri Leggings Tummy Control Non-See-through Fabric features a svelte cut that tucks the tummy into place while creating long, lean lines. 

So you have the perfect gift in mind. Plan your shopping with care. Visit the Time Zone Converter on to determine when 9 PM Eastern Time happens in your time zone. Then, get your typing fingers and credit card ready! Deals go fast, especially for high-quality, limited quantity cycling apparel like Baleaf. If you’re well-prepared, you can purchase birthday, holiday, and special occasions gifts for the entire year in just a few economical clicks!


Still, haven’t found the perfect gift for that special someone? (Maybe that special someone is YOU?). Check out this long list of Baleaf’s Amazon Prime Day specials.


Happy shopping, Primers!


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